A Responsive Web

A Responsive Web

Building clever Applications for all Devices

Thu, 31st May 2018

Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Web Design & Development

Responsive (Mobile Friendly) web design is imperative, for both Search Engine penetration, and to provide ease of use for your potential customers. In some industries, the vast majority of web traffic now comes from mobile users, so developing an interface that allows mobile users to access information about your business seamlessly is critical.

Mobile Apps, do I need one?

In most cases the answer to the above is no. If you are trying to sell a product or service that is an infrequent purchase, then asking potential customers to download an app to their device, is creating a significant barrier for the end user. In these cases, an effective responsive website is the most appropriate solution.

However, if you provide regular support or information to an existing client base, then a Mobile App is recommended because an App can provide your customers with alerts, push notifications, and methods of direct two-way communication.

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