Google and Social Media Marketing

Google and Social Media Marketing

How we can help you get the most out of Search Engine and Social Media Marketing tools.

Wed, 30th May 2018

We take a holistic approach to digital marketing, with the health of your websites landing pages a major focus. So before we launch a digital campaign, we ensure that the message being pitched to potential customers, and associated pathways to conversion are as close to perfect as possible!

For example, we helped Sabrina Moda Bridal Boutique increase bridal appointments by 50%. We achieved this by analysing the website, and then optimising the proposed landing pages to ensure they had the best chance of converting 'clicks to customers'. Then we ran a small Test Campaign across a range of interest groups and locations, which gave us clear insights into where we should run the main campaign to achieve the best value for money.

So, our process to a successful outcome is as follows:

  1. Identify the Target Audience for your product or service
  2. Establish a Campaign Strategy
  3. Create or re-build website landing pages for the campaign to increase the chances of genuine conversions
  4. Integrate tracking and reporting tools to test the effectiveness of the campaign
  5. Run a mini Test Campaign to determine which approaches are most effective
  6. Launch Main Campaign based on knowledge from Test Campaign
  7. Review, Report and then Repeat!

We offer our Digital Marketing services as fixed price recurring services, or alternatively, we can set up your first campaign and provide you with the skills and knowledge to maintain your own Digital Marketing service into the future. Contact us to learn more!




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