Misconceptions about Google Partners

Misconceptions about Google Partners

Many people believe that the Google Partner badge is an endorsement of the badge holders organic SEO credentials.. it's not!

Fri, 8th Feb 2019

You've probably seen the above Google Partner logo before, it lets you know that the business that you might be considering for help with your SEO is endorsed by Google.. or at least that's what an ever growing number of digital agencies and SEO specialists are hoping you'll think when you see this logo!

It's a very easy assumption to make, but the truth is, a Google Partner receives this certification by completing courses at Googles Academy for Ads, meaning, they have proven themselves to be experts at creating and selling advertising within the Google Ads platform.

While there are plenty of Google Partners who are very skilled at providing organic SEO services, the certification is in no way an endorsement of their organic SEO abilities. 

This misconception can (and does) lead to clients spending large amounts of money on Google Ads when they probably didn't need to, and more importantly, when they should have first resolved any organic SEO issues with their website before undertaking an Adwords campaign.

Not all Google Partners are engaged in misleading practices, however it is in their interests to try and sell you an Adwords Campaign. Adwords can be an effective marketing tool, however you'll get far more bang for your buck by getting your website and referring content in good organic health first.

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