Mobile (Apps)

There are two pathways to delivering content on Mobile Devices. The most common method is to build a responsive (mobile friendly) website, that adapts the size of the device. This is the most cost-effective approach because you only need to build one application that will respond on mobile, tablet and desktops. However, if you provide services to a regular customer base, then a native mobile application should be considered. 

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Responsive Websites

Responsive (Mobile Friendly) web design is imperative, for both Search Engine penetration, and to provide ease of use for your potential customers. In some industries, the vast majority of web traffic now comes from mobile users, so developing an interface that allows mobile users to access information about your business seamlessly is critical.



Native Mobile Apps

If your business provides regular support or information to an existing client base, then a Mobile App is recommended. An App can provide your customers with alerts, push notifications, and methods of direct two-way communication.



Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are a definitely the future of Apps. They run in the browser on your phone or tablet and don't require a big download or visit to the App store. At the moment there some compatibility issues in some browsers but depending on your build requirements a PWA could be the right solution for your business.


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