Web Cam Blackmail Scams

Web Cam Blackmail Scams

So, someone has hijacked your webcam and caught you misbehaving.. or have they?

Mon, 1st Apr 2019

You're sitting down with your morning coffee, checking your emails when you come to one that has you almost spitting your coffee at the computer screen in terror!

The sender claims to have hijacked your computer and has subsequently filmed you doing naughty things, and is threatening to share the footage with your spouse or the rest of the internet if you don't pay them some money.. or er bitcoin..

To reinforce their claims of a succesful hack of you system, they point out that they have sent the email to you, directly from your own email account.. and they may have even addressed you by your first name!!

They may even offer other credentials such and an old password of yours, alternate email accounts, your birthdate, social media account addresses etc etc etc.. 

Relax.. this information will have been either stolen from elsewhere, or simply collated via a bit of good old fashioned online research. As for the email 'coming from your account', it's pretty easy to alias someone elses email account.

Unless the sender provides you with genuine evidence of the compromising footage in question, simply ignore the email.

To get that true feeling of 'closure' on the issue though, it's not a bad idea to run your antivirus software, and to change your computer and email passwords. If you have your email hosted with us (Genesis), simply visit your website and type 'webmail' after the '/' at the end of your domain (eg: mydomain.com.au/webmail). Click on the tools menu (cog icon) top right of screen, and then look for the re-set password options.

If you still have concerns, contact us and we can take a forensic at the email you've recieved.


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