What are SaaS and Web Apps?

What are SaaS and Web Apps?

If you're confused about SaaS and Web Applications, here's a pretty good explanation for you!

Mon, 4th Mar 2019

SaaS is an acronym for 'Software as a Service'. SaaS applications are usually software services that you pay a subscription to use, or a small fee during a transaction within the app. By paying a small recurring subscription, you are able gain the full benefits of the app, without having to foot the bill for the development of the entire project. Xero Accounting, PayPal and Airtable are common examples of SaaS applications.

SaaS applications can also fall into the broader category of 'web apps' (Web Applications). Web apps are software packages deployed on a remote server. Usually, Web Applications are accessed via a web browser, though in some cases they may be accessed through direct 'tunnelling' via a VPN or similar technologies, particularly if the web app needs to remain completely private.

Technically, a regular website falls into the category of 'web apps', however, the term is now generally considered to represent business management software that is hosted remotely, instead of on your computer.

So, how can a web app potentially improve the day to day operations of your business?

Chances are you are already using web apps, for instance if you use an online accounting package such as Xero or Quickbooks Online, then you will have gained an appreciation of the time and cost saving benefits that these platforms can provide.

If a suite of SaaS applications can be found to handle some of your day to day operations, we can build bridges between them to allow the free flow of data. If there's a gap in the existing SaaS offerings, we can build an app, or Mini Web App to fill the void!

If you have any questions regarding SaaS or Web Applications, do not hesitate to contact us, or, visit our Web Apps page for more info.

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